Rob + Amy | Santa Paula, California Wedding

My second July wedding was such a special event. I first met Rob and Amy last November when Rob wanted their proposal to be documented by a photographer. He lived in California and Amy (his fiance to be) lived in Bloomington. As I got to know Rob more, I found that this proposal was very very important to him. I did not know their full story at the time, but as with any great love story, their’s is beautiful. When Rob explained to me how detailed and perfect he wanted this day to be, I suggested we also throw in a quick engagement session and looking back, I am so glad we did. As we walked around for the hour of that engagement session, I got to know Rob and Amy, and their love for each other. At the end, we bid our farewells and I half-jokingly offered to come to California to shoot their wedding. I thought after they’d received their pictures, I would probably never hear from them again. (So happy to be wrong about that!!)

Flash forward to March, 2014…. I’m freezing in Illinois and I get a call from Rob in Bakersfield, California. He wants to talk to ME about being their wedding photographer in July! WHAT?! Um, yes. We met up at Starbucks and I listened as they told me all of their plans for their beautiful day. It sounded like a photographer’s dream!! So I booked my tickets to LA and in mid-July, I took my family with me to spend 5 days in California. Rob and Amy chose the Steve McQueen Ranch in Santa Paula, California for their venue (yes, Steve McQueen really lived there!). As I drove onto the property for the first time, I was so happy to see not only the beautiful surroundings, but to see Rob and Amy (it had been a few months by this point). We chatted about their day and what to expect. Amy is putting finishing touches on the decorating (she did everything! DIY to the max!) and Rob is showing me around the property. Everything has fallen into place.

The next day is their wedding and I arrive early to get some detail shots (and details, details, details, there are!). Even their invitation is packed full of details, from their first date 21 years ago to their beautiful journey to this day. As the days goes by and as I sit at the reception, I listen to the details of Rob and Amy’s love story. They were high school sweethearts, who were engaged to each other once before, but parted ways for some time before finding each other again through what most would call just plain fate. As Andie, Amy’s matron of honor describes their relationship, they are like a Lifetime movie… Boy meets girl, they fall in love, they are torn apart, and then they end up back together to live happily ever after. Yep! That about sums it up!

After so many years apart, and finally finding each other again, I am very excited and honored to have captured this day for them. Rob and Amy, I loved working with you and I am so thankful that we met last November. Thank you for everything!

Ok so enough with the stories and get to the pictures! Here they are. Enjoy!

These first few photos were documented on film on Friday, July 18th, the day before the wedding.

I love the beauty and simplicity of this ranch. It is truly spectacular.

Steven McQueen, past owner, meet Steve the cat, current owner.

Amy *made* this bouquet. Um, what?! It’s gorgeous!!

Yay for first looks!! This one made my heart melt. So SO sweet.


Some family and friends read poems and inspirational sayings at the wedding. Very thoughtful idea!

The reception was in the hanger! Very neat set-up. Love the bunting!

After the small reception, we headed outside to watch the kids break the piñata!

After all, it is a celebration!!

Hmmmm… Homemade cake. Yum!!

After the reception and piñata, Rob and Amy arranged for the kids to have small games to play. What a sweet idea!


On a personal note: thank you to everyone (especially Rob and Amy) for making me feel so welcome! I loved photographing this day, and a beautiful day it was. While I am a little sad to know that Rob and Amy are so far away, I wish them all the happiness in the world and hope to see then again someday soon.


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