Olivia Lane | Spring 2013

A couple weeks ago, I was looking through some old photos of Olivia and I realized it had been months since I had taken photos of her with my camera and not my iPhone! With Spring just now showing it’s appearance here in Illinois and my plants finally planted on our porch, I decided this weekend was it! We were going to take Olivia’s springtime pictures! So after a few on the back porch, we headed to downtown Normal for some ice cream. I love these moments with her. Enjoy! From our family to yours.

“I am baby!! Hear me ROAR!”

Oh, yes. She is a rascal….. She makes this face while hissing at people. Our little rascal/cobra.

I love it that little kids are fascinated by other little kids. 🙂

My favorite photo of the night. Look at those baby blues!

Emack and Bolio for our little model!! (No judgement on the parenting ;))

“I mustache you a question, mama. Are we done taking photos yet?!”

Love you, Olivia Lane. XO.



This is absolutely ADORABLE! Love every picture, but my favorites are always the rascal face pictures. Haha

kat green

You always do such a wonderful job of capturing her sweet little spirit! Love all the pics. Kat


This is wonderful. Love all the pictures, especially the Emack and Bolios 🙂

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