Margaret + Jo | Married

Wow, as I’m writing this I am feeling so blessed. Blessed that I get to do what I love and get to photograph such beautiful experiences! This wedding was so gorgeous! When Stephanie hired me to second with her, she said this was going to be one awesome wedding and it definitely was! Margaret put so much time and hard work into making her and Jo’s day as perfect as she imagined and it really paid off. Almost all of the decorations you see in the photographs are handmade by her! They were married at Heritage Prairie Farm outside Geneva, Illinois and I could not have *dreamt* of a more perfect venue. Check out the photos below and let me know which part is your favorite!!

Who says the best man has to be male? Jo’s best “man”, Yuly.

First look at his bride. Even though they picked out the dress together, something about her walking down the aisle is just beautiful. Love Jo’s expression. Pure love.

How beautiful is this place? Simple and elegant. Also, for all you future brides, the light is perfect in this tent because of the bright white walls. Having your reception in a place like this is perfect because the beautiful natural light leads to beautiful natural (no flash) pictures.

 I was never told the idea behind the dinosaurs, however, they actually turned out really cute! I like the way the able numbers are draped around their necks! haha.

I *love* these flowers!! And the jars that they are in is such a cute touch!

Love this! Their seat assignments were accompanied by the guests’ gift from the couple…. honey from the farm! 

Each of the plates were different. Just another simple, yet amazing, detail that this farm provided!

So I will give my usual report of the cake… it was DELICIOUS! I don’t remember the flavor, but oh my, it was good!

One of the best I’ve had yet!

Such a nice speech given by the bride’s parents.

Um, I need one of those hanging wreath things for my house… ASAP!

Jo’s adorable son Hobbes dancing the night away! With his dinosaur, of course.

And as if this night couldn’t get anymore magical, they had sparklers too!! They were shaped in a heart and so cool! I think the kids went through all of them in about 10 minutes :).

Congrats, Jo and Margaret! Thank you for letting me share your special day with you!

This is SUCH an adorable wedding! I love all the details -the flowers on the cake are to die for!- and the dinosaur touch was awesome!

Fantastic Photos :)!!!

Ugh Melanie these are amazing! I love them all, great work! Your editing skills are great too! 🙂

Jenna Rowland

Seriously, could this wedding and your photos be any more perfect?! Love it all!

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